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Inquire at the office! Thank you for living at Hunter Woods!

Home Care Tips

Tips for maintaining your home:

  • Keep out what you don’t want under your home – keep skirting well kept and in tracks
  • Keep the sun out and your home looking neat – keep your window blinds tidy
  • Save your lid – make sure your trash can has an attached lid
  • Save on energy costs – make sure your roof is sealed and coated in white
  • Keep renters insurance low – make sure your deck and steps are well maintained

  • Have Heat Tape questions?
    Heat Tape eHow Video

    Home improvement tips:

  • Build a deck!
  • Add some raised flower beds
  • Be seasonal! Rake and remove dead leaves and shovel off and remove unwanted snow

  • Reminders

    Some reminders for us all to maintain a safe, clean, and enjoyable community:

  • Please keep your pets on leashes
  • Please keep rakes and shovels to keep your lawn clean
  • Please air up your vehicle’s tires – air is free at most gas stations!
  • Please don’t change your vehicle’s oil onsite – lets keep the environment clean!
  • Please put your stuff away after you are done using it – get your kids to bring their toys inside when they are done!
  • Please observe speed limits and drive carefully – the safety of our kids, residents, employees, and pets is the most important thing

  • Thank you! We want to keep our neighborhood safe and clean for the well-being of our community!

    Community Rules and Regulations Document

    Storm Preparation

    We live in Indiana folks. Indiana is known for its storms and tornados. It is critical that all of us and our families have a storm plan in place.

  • Plan in Advance –  have a plan for if the weather gets bad
  • Have Access to a 24 Hour Shelter – make sure you have a shelter (a friend’s basement, a local store, etc) that you can access at any time of the day
  • Get Alerts – get severe weather alerts on your phone or go out and buy a NOAA Radio
  • Some Additional Resources: